There Are Over 1 Million New Unkown Files Per Day That Are Attacking Consumers All Over The World!

Anti-Hacking Software

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According to a 2019 Gallop Poll, the #1 Polling company in America, the personal crime people fear the most and their number one concern was having ones personal information hacked!

Protection Over Detection

Anti-Hacking Software/ Comodo’s Security Pro software is a total default & deny technology.

NOTHING, and we mean NOTHING,
Gets through before it goes into our “Sandbox”

That’s because Anti-Hacking Software Comodo’s Security Pro has an extra net of protection, The Automatic Sandbox, that catches everything and picks up all files that are not on an approved whitelist or already on a blacklist.

These files are categorized as unknown and are the root cause of data breaches.

Continuous Protection

Advanced intelligence, analytics, and innovative security technology stop malware attacks before they happen and prevent hacks. While patent-pending malware containment ensures that customers are protected against even previously unknown threats.

5-Star Protection

Comodo is ranked by major software test labs, as one of the top rated (5 Stars) anti hacking companies in the world. An integrated platform that allows you to operate in a world where preventing all attacks seems impossible with the constant attacks of approximately 385,000 new virus attacks per day. But with our innovative threat containment technology, we fully protect against even the most advanced threats, including zero-day attacks.


Other features such as an in and out firewall gives a consumer even further protection on their personal computer.

  • Fast and hassle-free experience
  • Manages traffic on your PC
  • Blocks all Internet attacks
  • Secures all connections when you are online
  • Monitors in/out connections